Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023, Raspberry Blush

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Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023 – Raspberry Blush

Anticipating the return of color in homes, Benjamin Moore has named Raspberry Blush 2008-30 their 2023 Color Of The Year. This saturated red-orange hue is both unapologetic and bold, with a vibrant energy that will enliven surroundings while transforming rooms for incredible results.

Benjamin Moore has partnered with Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo to commemorate this year’s color. The company is launching an advertising campaign that will use its new song, “Raspberry Blush,” and reinforces how important colors are for self-expression through music.

Benjamin Moore’s color trends palette features an eclectic mix of colors with nostalgic references to periods like the ’80s and ’90s and deeply saturated hues found in nature. This year they focused on wildflowers, Sitea Flowers’ signature scent focus for their flower design work. It created more dynamic combinations than before by mixing delicate pastels such as lavender next door mixed into bolder tones, including rust or maroon right next door—all set against deep purples, which can also be seen frequently throughout these unpredictable landscapes!

The Benjamin Moore 2023 Color Trends palette clarifies that even the most eye-catching colors shouldn’t have to stand alone. Shades like Conch Shell, New Age, or Cinnamon can help you reel in Raspberry Blush without diluting its charm with other tones – make sure they’re grounding neutrals for an all-over balancing effect! Suppose, instead; we want something more soothing. In that case, there’s Savannah Green, which also goes nicely together due to their similarities but allows us some experimenting since charcoal will never go out of style (so unlike those pesky pink walls!).

Here is the complete list of Color Trends 2023:
Raspberry Blush 2008-30
Conch Shell 052
Wenge AF-180
Cinnamon 2174-20
New Age 1444
Starry Night Blue 2067-20
North Sea Green 2053-30
Savannah Green 2150-30

Getting lost in the crowd is easy in a world of endless options. But with one bold color and creative design ideas, you can transform your space from outdated or dull-looking into something fresh that is inviting – even irresistible!

How can you use Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2023 in your home?

1) Pick out an accent wall piece (or multiple!) featuring Raspberry Blush and another warm tone like Goldilocks Blue; 2.) Use warmer hues throughout kitchen cabinets/ counters plus bright poms on countertops near the entryway 3); Install throw pillowslip into your living space.

Still stumped on how to incorporate the eclectic color palette into your space? You can also visit Atelier Loconsolo inside our Coney Island Avenue location and meet with interior design and color expert Anne Laurie.

The best way to add a little happiness to your life is with Raspberry Blush. Whether you use it outside or right inside, this color will make everything seem more colorful and light-hearted. Stop into one of our four New York paint stores and sample Raspberry Blush today!