How To Select The Best Paint Primers For Your Job

How to Select the Best Paint Primers for your Job

Best Paint Primers

Do You Always Need to Use a Paint Primer?

Depending on the surface you are painting, you most likely need some form of paint primer. Finding the correct primer for your job can ensure a smooth, long-lasting finish.

What do Paint Primers Do?

Using a primer is to seal any porous openings and allow for fewer coats of paint. A primer “primes” the surface for painting. A good tip is to wash and sand down your character before priming. They can also cover hard-to-remove stains.

Difference Between Paint & Primer

Primer does not contain pigment. Instead, it contains resin which ensures a smooth finish. Primer forms a bonding agent, helping paint stick to the surface better. Paint is a decorative finish with pigment, giving a more opaque finish. Paint comes in different finishes like flat, eggshell, and gloss. Both can be applied with a brush.

Oil vs. Water-Based Primers

Oil-based primers are ideal for wood or for when using oil-based paint. The oil seals the grains and prevents the paint from being absorbed into the wood and bubbling. Oil-based primer is preferred for outdoor projects because it contains V.O.C., which could be harmful if inhaled. Water-based primers, also known as latex primers,  are better for indoor projects, like sheetrock walls or furniture. It is easier to clean up since it is water-based.

Types of Materials that Require Priming

Wood is a highly porous material that requires priming. New drywall is also porous and needs priming. Sometimes a wall can be painted already, and you want to change the paint color. You should still apply a primer. It blocks the previous paint color from bleeding through. This is especially important if you change the color from dark to light. If the surface you are painting is glossy, it is best to sand the surface, then prime it, so it adheres better. No matter the surface, primer can be applied with a paintbrush or roller.

Using Primers on Stains

Surfaces that have already been stained require light sanding and a thicker primer. We suggest Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water-Base Primer, available at any of our four Loconsolo Paints stores in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

All-in-one Paint Primers

While it may seem like you are saving time by using an all-in-one paint primer, you are, in fact, not using an actual primer. All-in-ones have a higher concentration of solids for better coverage. We suggest using a genuine primer first, then painting two coats after.

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