Scenic Products


Rosco provides a complete selection of paints, primers and specialty products specifically engineered to meet the needs of any scenic or artist application. The Off-Broadway, Iddings Deep Colors and Supersaturated paints dry to a super flat, non-reflective finish which can be easily touched up. Contact our sales department to inquire about their special effects paints, flame retardants, glazes and other specialty coatings.

Muralo Vogue

A premium quality vinyl acrylic based interior flat finish in pure and vibrant high chroma colors especially designed for use in theatre, film, television scenery and display. It dries fast in less than an hour to a rich, velvet-like non-reflective matte finish. It adheres to any scenic surface without additives required by casein or protein based paints. All Muralo Vogue Deep Colors can be intermixed for any hue, shade or tint desired. Also, they may be used for tinting any other latex paint.


Mixol is a highly concentrated, binder-free multi-purpose tinting concentrate which can be added to almost any type of paint and coating material. It forms no skin or lumps and is highly resistant to frost and heat.